About Me

My name is Andras Roman, I was born in Budapest, Hungary, 1978. I've been living in The Netherlands since 2008.

Iím enslaved to computers since 1987 when I got my first computer to my 9th birthday, a Commodore 64.:) Very soon I got interested in computer arts, both music and graphics, however I canít and never could play on any musical instruments or draw by hand. After my elementary school I went to a technical high school where I learnt office technical engineering including technical design drawing, precision mechanics and of course computer related stuffs.

In my high school ages I started to DJing and creating electronic music, and I continued after my final exam. That year, in 1996 I opened to html and early web design, I made my first webpage, a successful musical page. In 1997 I got a request to write articles - and I had my own column for 2 years - at Freee Magazin, which was the most popular electronic music magazine in Hungary. Some years later I went back to school and started to learn computer programming. I did it for one year then I changed to multimedia development, in a two years course. I learnt the most from pixel graphics with Photoshop, vector graphics with CorelDraw and Illustrator, site build, Flash, Director, video editing and other things needed for web design and multimedia development, that time.

So far I worked mostly with Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, Dreamweaver, Flash, and had some experience with InDesign, Vegas, After Effects and 3D Studio Max. I developed in (x)html / html5, css / css2 / css3, ActionScript2 and JavaScript / JQuery. I also understand most of the top PC musical softwares like Cubase, Ableton Live, Reason, SoundForge, Audition, Acid and many VST/VSTi software synthesizers and effects.

In May 2007 I got a great job opportunity outside of my profession, so I continued doing web and graphic design only when I had free time. As I missed it so much and that job has recently ended, I'm busy with updating my knowledge to restart my career in a designer / developer scope.

Please have a look at my portfolio (Web & Flash Designs / Print Designs) and download my CV in .pdf format (AndrasRomanCV.pdf).